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Friday, October 1, 2010


A chat room is a web application that allows two or more people to type messages to each other at the same time. There are many types of chat rooms used on the Internet.The Learning Place uses web-based chat so you can:
  • Create your own chat room for a short period.
  • Create your project room. Once set up, you create chat rooms and forums for your own project. Great for student learning or special projects where you want to discuss issues over a period. Choose who participates via a password.
  • Participation in an online chat event. These can be moderated - questions go to a moderator before they appear in the chat room.

Why use a chat room?

  • Chat is fun and instantaneous
  • Great for formal and informal meetings
  • Communicate with experts, authors, scientists, business community etc
  • Share ideas quickly regardless of distance
  • Brainstorming between peers, students and colleagues
  • Collaboration on projects or rich tasks
  • Cultural experiences
  • Social experience
  • Quieter students can communicate easily
  • People can enjoy the anonymity of chat
Example: Yahoo Messenger (ym)


  1. chat??? mcm best je..akan ku praktik kan...huhuhu